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Bündner Kunstmuseum

Postplatz | 7002 Chur/Cuira/Coira
Architect/s: Arno Caluori
In 1900 the Grisons Art Society began to build up an art collection. Today it is the responsibility of the Grisons Art Foundation to acquire specific works of art for the Grisons Museum of Fine Arts. To date the collection consists of around 6000 works from all areas of fine art from the mid-eighteenth century to the present-day. A fair proportion of these are permanently on display in the Villa Planta. These are predominantly works by Swiss or Grisons artists. There are representative works by Angelika Kauffmann, Giovanni Segantini, Augusto Giacometti, Giovanni Giacometti, Alberto Giacometti, Ferdinand Hodler, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, along with exponents of the 'Rot-Blau' group and contemporary Grisons artists such as Matias Spescha, Not Vital, Elisabeth Arpagaus and Pascale Wiedemann.
In the Sulser building there are approximately six exhibitions every year. In addition to exhibits from historical and contemporary Grisons artists one can view a growing number of works from prominent Swiss artists and regular presentations from the international contemporary art world.
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