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Romanesque Church Construction
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Kapelle St. Agatha*

7180 Disentis/Mustér
On an isolated position above the Rhine along the old Lukmanier way.

Late example of a hall church with three apses. Built probably at beginning of 11th century, altered 1420, new south windows in 17th century; exterior restored 1979-80, interior 1992-94.

Unsegmented rectangle construction with three even, buttressed round-arched niches in Carolingian triapsidial style. The north tower standing inside the wall assemblage is in alignment with the front wall of the choir; bell storey with coupled round-arched windows and tent roof, probably 1420. A Romanesque window in each apse niche and an oculus to each side of the central apse. Gothic moulded ceiling in hall from around 1420.

Wall Paintings, notable works from four stages:

1. Around 1430-40, the poorly preserved Cycle from the Life of Saint Agatha on the north wall, southern German origin.

2. Around 1450-60, frescoes by the Lombards Christoforo and Nicolao da Seregno, Majestas Domini in the central apse and the Coronation of Mary in the right apse, the saints Plazidus and Ulrich between the apses and beneath medallions featuring prophets, and a Saint Agatha, a large rendering of the Epiphany and a Virgin of Mercy on the south wall.

3. 1616, The Annunciation by Hans Jakob Greutter in the left apse.

4. 1707, sparse remains of painting by Jakob of Sumvitg above the pictures on the north wall.

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