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The Late Gothic Period
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Kirche St. Martin

7165 Brigels/Breil
Probably Romanesque complex, consisting of tapering choir loft and irregular, square hall elongated towards the west at a later date , the tower being incorporated into its southwest corner; pyramidal tower roof 1736, probably also new church roof with steeper pitch. Restoration 1997–2001.

Picture of St. Christopher on the tower, ca. 1930 by Paul Stöckli. Late Gothic wooden slat ceiling with shallow carved frieze and framing boards, emblem of the Grey Alliance in the middle rosette; barrel vault in the choir. Late Gothic murals ca. 1515 by painter(s) from Ticino or Lombardy: St. Martin in the choir, Virgin Mary on the left of the choir arch, on the right the Saints Jost and Antonius Eremita (Hermit Anthony), below the so-called Holiday Christ.

Superbly conserved Late Gothic winged altar* from 1518, studio of Jörg Kändel: the work, which was created in forms transitioning to the Renaissance, contains carved figures of the Saints Martin, Jodokus and Lucia in the gracious, cloverleaf finished form of the shrine; on the inside of the painted wings the Saints Katharina and Barbara, outside adoration of the Kings, on the fixed wings four male saints; in the predella figure relief with the Saints Nikolaus, Abbot Antonius (Anthony) and a female saint, framed by the painted partial figures of the Saints John the Baptist and James the Elder; crucifixion group in informal composition; Gethsemane on the painted back of it and the veil of Christ below. 18th century tableau of the Holy Family on the back wall.

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