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Kloster St. Johann | 7537 Müstair
Part of the Benedictine Convent of St John the Baptist (UNESCO World Heritage Site), open to the public as convent museum today.

Located at the north side of the church, named after the Abbess Angelina Planta (1478-1509), who until recently was considered to be the builder of the tower.

Oldest known fortified tower and tower house in Switzerland. Massive, four-storey squat tower with monopitch roof and three-sided battlement (crenellated) completion, built by Bishop Hartbert shortly after 957 (dendrochronology) over the ruins of an exterior north annexe of the convent church after it had been destroyed by fire; to be used as a residential and refuge fort for the bishop and the convent; the tower was secured to the north by a moat; after a fire.

Refectory/convent hall with timbering and planking on the first upper storey around 1500 with Late Baroque mounting. Late Baroque abbess residence on the second upper storey with access to the small parlour of the Prioress Ursula Karl von Hohenbalken (1630). On the third storey nuns cells built in the 17th century.

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