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Reformierte Kirche*

7546 Ardez
The first parish gallery church in Switzerland, in alliance with Late Gothic with heavy rural Renaissance forms.

Mentioned 12th century; newly constructed 1576-77 using older walls of the nave and the tower from 1445; modification of the south nave window 1878; renovated 1948; restored 1979-89.

Two-bay nave consisting of main nave the width of the choir and windowless nave aisle attached on the north; stepped buttresses on the south side façade and on the irregular choir that is closed on three sides. Main portal renovated 1931 in more simple forms. Gravestones 17th and 18th century.

The nave is divided by loggia-type galleries with heavy Renaissance balustrades in the west bay, their segmental arched arcades rest on Tuscan pillars on the narrow side and on massive columns on the long side; rise to the gallery in the north-west corner by a newel in round shell. Pilaster on the south windowed wall and Tuscan columns on the opposite gallery support a tunnel vault with lunettes and simple aris pattern (reminiscent of Gothic ribbed construction); cross vault in the side rooms. The polygonal choir in the extension of the main nave, with irregular reticulated vault; the higher-lying tower entrance on the north side signifies the level of the old choir. Pulpit 1577, a cylindrical carcase on a base with acanthus capital; pews and paneling 1789. Glass windows 1914. Organ 1818/19 by Georg Hammer, with painted casing and tin “veil lattice” in late Louis XVI forms; restored 1968.

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