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Chantun Grischun
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The Late Gothic Period
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Reformierte Kirche Bergün/Bravuogn*

7482 Bergün/Bravuogn
Built in 1188, new choir, ceiling of the nave and spire around 1500; renovation 1891 and 1930 by Schäfer & Risch; restoration of the choir 1978, of the tower 1988-90.

Romanesque tower with simple and domed round-arched windows on the south side of the nave; partial small struts with Attic bases and cubiform capitals; octagonal Late Gothic pointed spire over wimpergs (gables with tracery over windows or portals); on the west wall faded picture of Christoph of the 15th century, secured 1980. A double-flight stairway to the gallery above the round-arched west portal.

One of the most remarkable wooden slat ceilings of the Grisonian Late Gothic period in the Romanesque nave with richly carved and stenciled ornamentation; on the wooden shields monograms of Christ and bishop's coat of arms. Ribbed vaulting in thelate Gothic polygonal choir; the tracery of the lancet or pointed arched windows reconstructed 1978; the two glass panels with the Saints Florinus and Peter are copies, the originals from the mid-14th century in the Rhaetian Museum Chur.

Notable fresco cycle of an upper Italian or Southern Tyrolean master around 1500, a rare example of a mural painting committed to an early Italian Renaissance style for the northern part of the Grisons; largely refurbished 1930: annunciation on the choir arched wall; on the walls of the nave cycle of the Passion and the apostles, over the windows the apocalyptic lamb and monogram of Christ; image area of the east and south walls framed by borders of acanthus motifs between rosette medallions with busts of the prophets.

Polygonal pulpit dated 1735, pulpit cover with inlay; balustrade of the gallery 1744; further accoutrements 1930. Organ 1979. Grave panel for Peter Jecklin von Hohenems, deceased 1619.

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