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Chantun Grischun
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Romanesque Church Construction
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Reformierte Kirche S. Martino*

7606 Bondo
Romanesque building with significant Early Renaissance paintings by an Italian master. Consecrated 1250; 1617 vaulting of the nave and new door and window arrangement, sacristy 1687 by Pier Paolo Vergerio, renovated 1763, according to date above the portal; restored 1960-61.

Lofty Romanesque tower with domed acoustic windows, highest storey with tent roof, late 15th century. Romanesque hall church with widespread semi-circular apse: the nave divided by projections into two cross-vaulted bays (date on wall of choir arch).
Wall paintings by an Italian master between 1480-90: on the west façade, the Saints Christopher, Martin, John the Evangelist, James the Elder, Anthony of the Desert, as well as the coat of arms of the Bishop Ortlieb of Brandis (1458-91); on the south nave wall, the Holy Communion (later partly blocked by a vault pillar); on the wall of choir arch, the Annunciation, largely concealed by the subsequently erected vault, on the arch, coat of arms of Brandis, prophets and the Lamb of God; in the crown of the apse, the Christ in Majesty surrounded by the symbols of the Evangelists, as well as John and Mary (Deesis), rosette ornaments and tracery frieze, plinth drapery. Communion table of yellow and red marble from around 1760, probably by the same master as in Vicosoprano. Organ from 1972. In the floor under the pulpit, three grave plates 16th-17th century.

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