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Schloss Marschlins*

7206 Igis
Formerly moated castle in the field north-west of Igis with noteworthy Baroque furnishings.

Built as an episcopal creation mid-13th century, possibly at the site of a forerunner. Rebuilt by Ulrich von Brandis 1462 after a fire. Renovation and expansion into modern castle around 1635 by Marshall Ulysses von Salis, whereas east, west and north wings newly executed so as to include the old towers; the remaining available space the length of the south surrounding wall closed in with half-timbered construction before the inception of the Philanthropin Reformatory 1771, upper parts of the south wing renovated 1793. Extensive renovation 1905 by Eugen Probst, concurrently parts of the south-east tower around the projecting corbel of the upper storey were raised.

Rectangular castle complex with round corner towers grouped around an inner courtyard and surrounded by moats, three ramparts (originally conceived as wall towers) open towards the central courtyard; on the west face an arch-of-triumph type portal complex. The grouping of the edifice corresponds to the medieval conception, the structure of the building originates mainly from the 17th/18th century. The towers and the north parts of the wall stem from the time of conception. The former moat laid dry in the 16th century.

In the interior three magnificently decorated rooms: “Marshal Parlour” after 1633, richly carved wooden wall panelling with intarsia and inlaid coffering, tower-stove from 1638 from the Pfau studio, Swiss stained-glass coat of arms from 1674 with escutcheon alliance Heinrich Hirzel-Yolanda von Salis. “Officers Parlour” 1638, inlaid solid wood panelling of Swiss stone pine and coffer ceiling with Salis coat of arms in the centre span, stove from Steckborn from 1st half of the 18th century. The “Golden Parlour” in the north-east tower particularly opulently furnished around 1670; the contents of the carved panneling painted, among other themes, with battle representations. In the ceiling coffers the sun, 43 constellations and the four winds. Superb collection of Gothic sculptures. In the castle chapel, established 1771 in the main tower, four round discs with representations of the Evangelists mid 17th century. In the courtyard a canon of the von Salis Swiss regiment, dated 1676, with Salis coat of arms. (Kunstführer durch Graubünden, Hg. Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte. Eng. translation of the title: Art Guide of Graubünden, ed. Society for the History of Swiss Art, Zurich 2008. This book has only been published in German.)