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Wildboden | 7276 Davos
1920 by Rudolf Gaberel in collaboration with Christian Issler and the sculptor, Erwin Friedrich Baumann. Laid out in an existing larch grove; enclosed by a dry masonry wall, cyclopean entrance gate. The rows of graves form an ellipse. Private graves scattered unevenly over the graveyard-caused naturally by the topography of the land; a Jewish cemetery was later added.

In the area of the private graves are the gravesites of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and his partner Erna Schilling as well as that of Rudolf and Rosa Gaberel, among others; various gravestones made by Wilhelm Schwerzmann.

(Kunstführer durch Graubünden, Hg. Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte. Eng. translation of the title: Art Guide of Graubünden, ed. Society for the History of Swiss Art, Zurich 2008. This book has only been published in German.)